Does Superbalist have an affiliate program? (The LATEST Update)

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about affiliate marketing in the South African Online Business Lab (It’s a free online community for South African Online Business Builders). One that keeps popping up is does Superbalist have an affiliate program?

There is a lot of confusion around the question, but the short answer is unfortunately no. Superbalist used to have an affiliate program but at the time of writing this they no longer do. 

Currently the largest online clothing retailer in South Africa, Superbalist has an enormous online reach and infrastructure. If Superbalist had a clothing affiliate program it would be a great opportunity for affiliate marketers to make money online. The good news is there are alternatives that you can promote in the South Africa market. 

If you’d like to learn more, I’ve written this article about how to make money online with affiliate marketing in South Africa.

More on that shortly, but first…

What happened to the Superbalist Affiliate Program

What happened to the Superbalist Affiliate program?

This is such a great question one that does cause some confusion with South African affiliate marketers. If one does a google search for the Superbalist affiliate program (Which is probably how you got here) you’ll find a result from 2014 that state they do and it is run by

This is factually incorrect. In 2014 they did have an affiliate program. They have subsequently pulled the plug on it, so it no longer exists. 

At the time of writing this, the majority shareholder of Superbalist is Media24. Media24 also owns the largest general retailer in South Africa namely Takealot. (I wrote about Takealot’s affiliate program here)

In 2018 Spree and Superbalist merged to form the biggest online clothing retailer. By all accounts, that is when the affiliate program was stopped.

Enough of the bad news for affiliate marketers in South Africa. Time for the good news…

Is there a Superbalist alternative for affiliate marketers in South Africa?

If you can’t use Superbalist’s affiliate program to make money online, then what other clothing affiliate programs are there in South Africa you may ask?

There are a handful of clothing retailers online that do have affiliate programs. The biggest that has an affiliate program is Zando. The other option is the Shape Wear Shop. There are also other affiliate programs in the beauty and cosmetics niche that you can make money online from in South Africa like Ever Beauty and Vaadi Organics.

Through my research into affiliate marketing, I’ve written an extensive post on clothing affiliate programs in South Africa. This article goes into a lot more depth. It will also give you some ideas on how to use them to make money online. Also included in that article are over 40 other affiliate marketing programs in South Africa.

I will be digging into each of these topics in more detail in the coming weeks and months. I’ll also show you exactly how you can make money online with affiliate marketing. Don’t miss any of the video tutorials that I upload to my YouTube channel.

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